Perma-Guard dogs and cats pest Insecticide
Perma-Guard Garden
Perma-Guard grain and seed storage Insecticide
Perma-Guard Household Insecticide
Perma-Guard Use Guidelines
    "Diatomaceous Earth Fossil shell flour.  Through the history of man's existence, uses have been found for diatomaceous earth, and today there are 1500 ways for man to benefit from this material.  The diatomaceous earth used in our Perma-Guard product comes from fresh water deposits, and the purity is exceptional.  In fact, it is so pure, that the Food and Drug Administration has given it a FOOD GRADE designation (source - Perma-Guard, Inc). 
     "Farmers have had a great success in using the diatomaceous earth as a natural wormer for their livestock.  It can be fed at 2% of the total ration.
    "As a grain protectant, diatomaceous earth will also help the feed/grain flow easier.
    "Although it kills slowly, diatomaceous earth is highly effective in repelling incoming insects as long as it is on the surface.  The uses range from in and around the home (ticks, fleas and lice) to a large number of field and orchard insects."
    - Fertrell Newsletter - "Notes & Quotes"

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