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    "Diatomaceous Earth Fossil shell flour.  Through the history of man's existence, uses have been found for diatomaceous earth, and today there are 1500 ways for man to benefit from this material.  The diatomaceous earth used in our Perma-Guard product comes from fresh water deposits, and the purity is exceptional.  In fact, it is so pure, that the Food and Drug Administration has given it a FOOD GRADE designation (source - Perma-Guard, Inc). 
     "Farmers have had a great success in using the diatomaceous earth as a natural wormer for their livestock.  It can be fed at 2% of the total ration.
    "As a grain protectant, diatomaceous earth will also help the feed/grain flow easier.
    "Although it kills slowly, diatomaceous earth is highly effective in repelling incoming insects as long as it is on the surface.  The uses range from in and around the home (ticks, fleas and lice) to a large number of field and orchard insects."
    - Fertrell Newsletter - "Notes & Quotes"

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Photo of a 4 day old bantam egg in incubation - stay tuned to see how this bantam develops - we will be photographing its progress.

1.      For people that sell eggs for consumption. It is important that the quality and impression is maintained as professional. If someone finds “something” in a farm raised egg they are often times physiologically traumatized at the horror of what they might find next time – due to this physiological bias  they are reluctant to purchase farm eggs again. It also allows the farmer to very clearly see any cracks in the eggs helping to produce a safe and satisfactory product for the customer.

2.      For people that sell eggs for hatching – clearly distinguishes cracked eggs, frozen eggs, and other damage, it is even possible to gauge the age of the egg based on the air cell size for those that free range their birds and discover a nest.  

3.      For small homesteads to mitigate losses of naturally incubated poultry. A natural nest can be evaluated for fertility, ceased development, bacterial infections and other previously stated issues. The possibilities are endless here, two or three nests can be consolidated into one, then the hens “de-broodied” and reset, this can often times gain weeks or months of progress. Entire nests may have to be destroyed because of a new hen that did not get the incubation schedule right, again saving tremendous time. Rotten eggs may be avoided, saving the others etc.

4.      Fertility evaluation. Fertility can be evaluated as soon as possible saving vital time during the breeding season.

5.      Hatcheries, breeders and hobbyists

6.      Increased operator confidence, this gives people ‘control’ -  it allows them to feel as though they are the ones managing their breeding practices and progressing. This allows them to make crucial changes in a timely and informed manner  when otherwise they would be at the mercy of the slow processes of nature i.e. a nest that doesn’t hatch after a month.

The eggs ray increases homestead and hatchery productivity, maintains professionalism of egg producers, improves bio-security of natural nests and incubators, and gives the operator greater control of their business.

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