Our ewes are starting to lamb!  Here is one who had triplet ewes last Saturday!  Gertrude (the mamma) is an older sheep and we were hoping for at least one ewe from her for her last year (she has had rams for the last two years).  They are all very pretty little lambs.  She is an excellent mamma and keeps them in the loafing shed most of the time, especially since it's been very cold the last couple of days!  Pretty soon as they get stronger they will get frisky and use hoping around as their primary mode of travel - especially in the evening.  She was due after the 15th but we didn't really think she'd make it until then - she looked like a whale!

This Saturday Little Mamma had her lamb!  A little girl!  She has it in the loafing shed now, but it was born out in the rain.  Little Mamma is a first time mom, and she's doing really good.
The Buckeye is a large, heritage, dual purpose breed.  They were developed by Mrs. Nettie Metcalf to stand the cold winters of Warren, Ohio - and they do excellent in our Montana climate.

These birds are a heritage dual purpose breed. They grow very large with roosters dressing out at weights of 4 to 6 pounds at 18 to 20 weeks. Buckeyes are a sustainable bird - bringing meat and eggs to the table year after year - We have found it takes less feed to raise our Buckeyes to 20 weeks than it took to raise broilers to 8 weeks - they eat more like a normal chicken:)

Buckeyes are also excellent layers for those looking just for the laying flock. Very docile and personable birds, they make an excellent backyard or family farm bird. One of the fabulous things about our heritage birds is that they will dependably lay for you much longer than hatchery type birds which usually stop producing well by around age 2 - our birds should lay well into 5 or 6 years!

We have started hatching now - call to pre-order your chicks today!
Day old chicks - strait run: $5 ea.
Hatching eggs: 15 for $55
We will have laying age pullets/hens and breeding pairs and trios available later in the year
Laying age pullets/hens: $35 ea.